With Expectation Of Acceptance

You didn't care enough 'then'...
To give it your full attention.
Or mention having an interest.
So why and what is it that you expect?
A return of an interest you 'then' rejected.
As you awaited with expectation of acceptance?
What re-action would give you satisfaction?
What is it that you wish would fade away to be dismissed?

Did you 'really' believe an open-ended invitation,
You once rejected to devastate would still be in place?
As I sat with time passing,
While gazing lovingly at aged pictures of your face?
Tell me this...when is it that you visit,
That world deluded you chase to escape?
To perceive you can reappear,
And not have the memory of you totally erased!

Stop your faking and give us both a break!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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