With Expectations To Be Forgiven

Your stubbornness led you,
To be stuck in quicksand more than once.
With a continued disregard of advice.
And, a disrespect shown to me and others.

Now like a child with eyes welling up with tears,
You want this dilemma fixed to disappear.
To repeat again a doing,
Offending with expectations to be forgiven.

What are you going to do about it? '

About you being stuck in quicksand?
Sit quietly and eat my sandwich in peace.
And observe the view,
As I wish for more of my dreams to come true.

What about me?
I'm here sinking in quicksand.
I can not believe you have no regard for me.'

Your point is what?
Who warned you?
Who pointed to you of its existence?

'Soon I will be covered up.'

Can I sit quietly without you,
Making attempts to rush 'my' dreams?
You've got 'your' wish.
Let me enjoy mine in peace.

'You are evil.'

I love you.
But you know what?
Sometimes the giving and the showing of it,
Is just not enough for many like yourself to accept.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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