With Eyes Remembered

It's not a sin for those,
Who distance themselves...
As far as they can,
From the ticking of a clock.
Is it?

What about those who make attempts,
To get that ticking to be stopped?
With confirmations sought,
That an aging process...
Has completely forgotten them!

And as long as they moisturize,
And Sun block their skins...
They will keep Mother Nature guessing,
For years without end.

With suggestions made,
To avoid further Botox treatments...
To allow a natural appearance,
A chance to return to their faces again!
Maybe with eyes remembered,
Attached to a recognized grin.
This alone will silence the complaining,
That aging ungracefully on some has shown.

Of course I remember you!
You and my grandmother were good friends.'

You and I went to high school together.~

It's a beautiful day,
Isn't it? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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