With Faces Of Innocence On Them

'I have sinned.'
This confession has been given,
Over and over again.
An admission without end,
Coming from those who pretend...
To sit in high places,
With faces of innocence on them.

'I too have eluded the truth.'
Comments coming from those,
Who choose to wear sheepskin...
To cover their temptations,
And lust filled whims.

But wouldn't it be great,
For those to disrobe of their masquerades.
With attempts to prove that others,
Are living lives in the gutters.

And yet...
The ones who charade,
Say in their self righteous ways...
That 'they' have been called upon from God,
To save those walking on wrong paths...
And must be 'guided' from 'their' evil ways.

And 'they'...
With one eye open,
Request all to close their eyes to pray!

~Cut me some slack,
From these backsliders...
Riding high in denial and hiding,
Until caught.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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