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With Faith
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

With Faith

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

With faith I can not deny...
God is my supply!
When things are not so great,
I know He holds my fate!
And through my thick and tear dripping days...
My determination to remain faithful to Him stays!

If trials to test me come like they do,
I do not seek to flee and run...
Like many who succumb,
And become subdued!

I walk on my path with a confidence kept strong!
Adjusting with each foul and pitch thrown.
I am in this game...
To manuever around boulders,
And remove obstacles.
Crushing them into pebbles.
Ignoring the fact they may be stones!

Everyday I feel enlightened!
Each day I feel I've grown!
With faith I will hit homeruns like I wish!
God knows this and quiets,
Dissatisfactions arising...
From daily groans and moans,
He may allow for me to acknowledge...
But He does not wish for me to suffer.
Nor does He expect me to condone alone!

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Comments (1)

I've faltered on faith, with disastrous results... I pray that I can find my way back to the Lord, and save me from my own hell that I've created. Your poem bolsters this for me, and I thank you, Mr. Pertillar... this is a beautiful write. Hugs, Lee