DS (4/26/1960 / Rochester, NY)

With In Her Is The Light

With in her is the light. Unknown to her is the power. Slowly the knowledge is revealed to her. With time courage to accept and embrace the truth comes more
Easily to her.

Each day is its own reward and instead of dreading them she rejoices in the fact another day has come and looks forward to all the new day will bring.

She use to feel out of place, different from other’s and withdrew into her self. She’s come to understand she’s not different, she’s unique. She’s an energy that draws and not repels. Her place is here and now, among few or many.

Soon she will look to herself as never before. All her new thoughts and new feelings will create new actions and new beginnings. She will feel as if reborn. A new sense of purpose will fill her life. The new will show by the twinkle in her eyes, the wisdom in her smile and the truth in her touch. She will be a light in the darkness.

Lady D 9/1/05

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