With Jubilee

O my love, my darling
Reason again has mind pondering;
My heart ‘gain wondering
How one so amazing
As thee, could love me.

You said it’s because I’m sweet
And make you feel complete
That my love is a treat
And you’re glad we did meet;
I’m all that you can see.

I heard and I do receive,
Your words I do believe
Though I cannot conceive…
Love makes the lover naïve.
I’m happily heart’s appointee.

But on the merits of appointment
Though I steadily ascent
From the past to present
I’ll never reach a percent
Where I’ll be worthy of thee.

For it is that though I rise
I’m met the certain surprise:
In my heart and in my eyes
As I walk, every part of you flies;
Therefore my lack I foresee.

A lack inherent in every man
That is mothered by woman
And has death in his plan;
Yet if I held eternity’s hand
I still would not be worthy.

For I would give bouquets
And give only part of my day
When gardens and the Milky-way
In full, does not meet halfway…
Yet with much jubilee

You accept my mediocrity,
Which confounds… but gives esprit;
In your heart you hold a lessee
Who can’t pay, and he is me.
I forever give you my love.

by Leslie Alexis

Comments (3)

beautiful sentiment.....you express you true feelings well...fantastic SG
This is such a sweet poem. You have a big heart. Great job.
i did like this. especially the part about accepting mediocrity. We all feel mediocre at times even when others find something special about us