With Love Everyday I Get Laid

Give me pain
give me death
give me solitude
I'm keeping attitude

Give me stillness
Give me what you have
Give me trouble
Give me rumble

Moan &

Test me
Take the stone heart of my chest
Give me a heart of flesh
So I can rest

Give me danger
Give me anger
come near and then
become a stranger

Give me sirens
And police
Give me risk
Use my head

To hit me with your fist
Kick me in the balls
Threaten me
Try to weaken me

Financial worries
Give me disease
As I'm strong

I take it all with ease
Break my heart
I invite you to
Tear it apart

Give me tears
Give me fears
Give me hate
In your hands

Is my fate - I stay sweet
As a cake
I'm bound
with creation

Higher knowledge I've attained
and I can not be detained
I can not be restrained
I'm never sad, nor afraid

As with love everyday
I get laid

by Sotirios Skoufis

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