(1978-present / Ambon)

With Love To My Kids

Sometime you make me sad
but more often you make me happy
Sometime you make me cry
but more often you make me laugh
Sometime you make me boring
but more often you make me exciting
Sometime you make me fed up
but more often you cheers me up
Sometime i teach you how
but more often you teach me to
Sometime i give you my heart
but forever you gave me whole

Dedicated to my students

by George Sicillia

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Comments (3)

'With love to my kids'....a tender message indeed! I'm sure the thought is mutual.
Very well said, George. Children bring all sort of emotions to us. But we would not want to live our lives without them. Each new generation brings so much richness to our lives. Keep writing and sharing with us! Marilyn
Nice piece. If only all parents were able to communicate their love for their children instead of never letting it be said. Saying nothing can damage more then physical violence at times. All the power to you. Adam