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`with Me

A thought just occurred,
My life revolves around this one girl..
I created my life to be with her..
She is the puzzle piece to my heart..
the Key that opens the door to life and many other possibilities.

Her smile brightens up my day like no other..
Her eyes.. I swear.. I wanna be lost forever..
Her words, I want to swim in and let it seep into my soul..
Her beauty.. captures all and is beyond anything I've ever seen..

The jackpot Is right in front of me..
The reward of a life time is in my hands..
The Once in a life time chance.. Is right where it should be..
She is with me..

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Beautiful! What a lucky girl to have you to think these wonderful things of her. Loved all of it! Great write! You've got alot of talent keep it up =)