With Me, Myself And I

It is mostly of ourselves and friends and family good things we ever speak
But good does seldom grow to great and the flesh is always weak
We live in tribes and small family groups like our distant cousin the chimpanzee
And outside of our tribe we do seem lost that is how it seems to me

Few of us even spare one thought for the Stateless refugee
Or the war widow and mother who grieves for her dead family
Or the homeless poor souls of the town who do not own a bed
They sleep out in the public park or in disused draughty shed

So many of us do seem in love with me, myself and i
We live for self and what's near to self until the day we die
Though them i ought not to criticize since i too am this way
That self centeredness can be a survival gene does this seem fair to say

Though the successes of others some of us do celebrate
It is mostly to self and what is near to self that to we do relate
Some say it is the survival gene this is how it seems to be
And those we only speak good of are i, myself and me.

by Francis Duggan

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