For Whatever Reason.

Power, Lust, Confusion, and desire.

Sweet embracements of our world on fire.

Let me lecture you on life, love, and death.

I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Death can come as quickly as a bullet in the head.

It can come creeping slowly get you in bed.

Death comes regardless of your feelings.

It's the final card life is dealing.

Love, love is full of hills and valleys.

Like a captain to the thousand in the galley.

Life, There are plenty of highs and plenty of lows.

There are things I can teach you, but things you should know.

There are always ends that we have to meet at every corner on every street.

There are wishes that just seem to come true.

There are hopes in the distance called dreams, those are yours to pursue.

Material wealth has come to rule our kingdom.

Skeletons in our closets for whatever reason.

When you first held me my mystery was unleashed.

You turned me human from the beast.

We're whirling, trapped in a room, where no one else has the key.

Open your mind and set your soul free.

In just one moment I was no longer blind.

I watched as she made me with her eyes.

There has to be a reality different than the one I experience.

One not based on money or revenge, one based on fairness

We believed and entrusted good faith in so many, just to find lies.

Life has become routine, here's your ticket enjoy the ride.

Peace of mind exists in simple things, like waves crashing on the ocean shore.

By spending time with your loved ones just a little more.

Do you realize that our lives have become similar to a television?

Sometimes on, Sometimes off.

Why have we been left her never knowing when to cry, whisper, or talk?

by Thomas Ward

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..........beautiful imagery...wonderful poem of nature ★