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I no longer see the moon and star lit sky,
or the sun that shined on you and I.
There’s only darkness and despair wherever I go,
this lonely path I tread leads nowhere I know.

I’ve tried to see the colours I used to see,
but they’ve all been taken away from me.
Everything is black and shades of grey,
there’s nothing left since you went away.

The dreams we once shared are disappearing too,
the darkness is overwhelming the thoughts of you.
Nigrescence is replacing my happy memories,
I have no way of knowing how it was, or is.

I am utterly powerless to stop this from happening,
it’s causing deep sadness and inner suffering.
I'm still clinging onto a fading image of you,
but some of your words are still echoing through.

I suppose all this will end when I finally die,
when my thoughts have been drained of you and I.
Until then I’ll desperately cling onto what I have left,
which is not a great deal; I must be approaching death.

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Comments (5)

Sad, so sad, but I have been on that same old road myself... Warm regards Theodora
this is fantastic. a bit sad, but fantastic. cheers, Jake
Finely expressed. It put me in mind instantly of Van Gogh's paintings against his black and grey drawings...
Really dark and the language reflects the pain. I particularly liked this poem the most of the 3 you submitted today, especially the muddy pebbles as the tears, the dead cotton in the hot field and, so powerful, the murderer being your own pain. Vivid images, thanks. I am weeping now...
Good work Sandra, but I will have to write a comedy to cheer you up. Best wishes, herbert