(October 18, 1948 / Trenton, New Jersey)

Ode To Jazz

Jazz is grandpa's music,

There is no doubt about it.

His cooking tastes different,

Grandma's cookies tastes brilliant,

And everything is plain fun.

Jazz reminds us of famous players

Like Louis Armstrong,

B.B. King,

And Duke Ellington too.

Jazz is good music,

And everyone knows it,

Unless you like songs with words,

For jazz is just like regular music

And that's the good part about jazz.

Jazz is like a brand new car,

It makes your heart pound

Like a drum.

Jazz lets your feelings show.

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Insightful piece. Thanks for spreading the wealth- Knowledge is wealth.
In Canada the commission for missing aboriginal women has declared that a genocide has been committed, this poem is as relevant now as it was written. That is the true horror.
Victims! ! ! ! ! Everywhere on earth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Born‎: ‎Paulette Linda Williams; October 18,194... Known for‎: ‎for colored girls who have consider... Education‎: ‎Columbia University‎ (‎BA‎): ‎University... Died‎: ‎October 27,2018 (aged 70): ‎Bowie, Mar...
I am sorry to report that she's no longer with us, however, her sister, Ifa Bayeza, a talent and a beauty, is with us.May God bless them!
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