With Pace, Send My Wife

Lord God, with Heaven’s haste; send her to me.
So that my bed would be warm with her fire;
Burning like the flaming suns of the planets.
For her, my heart ebbs and comes with want;
Like a hungry lion in chase of an enticing deer
With none but our lonesomeness to kill.
My eyes decode her plots -none left undone.
Her thighs dance all the steps of the tango;
Making my heart beat like African drums.
Her skin is liken to the sun-dried cocoa
Grown in the jungles of the Caribbean.
Her smell that of the nectar of spices,
And I am a wayward bee in quest of honey.
In the dance she moves smooth as the cobra
Under the seduction of the snake-charmer’s flute.
My steps are in way of her shadow, for I am
Pulled; By the desires of manhood, to complete.
So Lord, of this flock of doves, give me one,
To adorn and keep as my own: to wed -to wife!
Do so in great haste: for my will is wavering.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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