With Reports Delivered To Supporters

People are 'freaking' out
As to who will or will not
Pay for their own health care!

And their taxes paid today...
With excuses made,
Has yet to fill that pothole on their streets.
Or get a police officer to come when needed.

And when did any politician,
Campaign for a vote...
When it was not time for re-election?

But on a plane they will fly to Europe,
First class...
To compare what's there and a cost of living.
With pictures to prove,
How a suntanning is done...
On exotic beaches.

With reports delivered to supporters,
As to whose quality of life...
Maintains high standards!

And their constituents' interests,
Are being duly heeded.
In between much needed rest.

'Those are unpatriotic statements.'

You should hear my creditors' opinions.
And many of them are lobbyists!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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