With Respect

I am sad,
And the sadness is me,
We both are us,
And us are we.

I know not where I belong,
I know not where I come from,
Maybe it's that sadness which is confused,
For I am happy, regardless of my loss.

I envy, I can and I do,
Those birds with nests high up,
They fear nothing, they envy nothing
They are everything but I know that everything is nothing.

My words jumble and so I mumble,
But the pain of guilt doesn't,
It is relentless and unceasing,
Like myself and my reflection,
Doing what I do and yet altogether different.

Can I smile? Can I laugh?
I don't see myself while laughing,
For I don't laugh at me, although the beggar I am.

I have a head which doesn't bow,
For it is mine and mine only,
So is my choice of acceptance and denial,
I worry but with respect,
I croak but with respect.

For all the diamonds of the Crown,
And all the threats of the hound,
I sleep but with respect.

by Purvesh khamankar

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