The Healthy People

The healthy people don't get movies made about them nor books written about them
They are not worshiped by legions of bedroom dwelling stunted acolytes

The healthy people don't make excuses and more importantly no one makes excuses for them
They brag in rationed amount, they complain in rationed amount

The healthy people get married and they stay married
Don't need to loudly announce their dysfunctions nor tell you who they slept with nor assume ridiculous identities out of what they think other people find attractive

The healthy people smell of the soil and retail jobs and factory jobs and work in general
They need to keep busy and not continually amusing themselves with entertainment stimuli

Spontaneous unrest
Smash a window and steal a TV then watch this on TV
I've got a life, Rock solid divisions

The healthy people won't attend your dance party
The healthy people build up their rock solid divisions
Eat plenty of fiber, don't continuously look for way outs

Don't continuously look for short cuts
Lottery tickets printed in gold, people made of gold
Stand and deliver the equilibrium of sensible choices

by Raj Dronamraju

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