With 'tees' To Cross And 'eyes' To Dot

If every 'tee' is not crossed.
Or 'eye' not dotted to spot it,
What top is one expecting...
To get and achieve successfully?
So many see their dreams,
Without them detailed.
So many today seek flattery and praise,
For a doing done that quickly fades.

Critics are out there seeking fresh meat to eat.
And flying overhead like vultures unleashed.
Prepared to feast on the best.
After dining on mediocrity...
Those unconscious have left with all the rest.
Even with 'tees' to cross and 'eyes' to dot,
Vultures appearing to critique...
Want other flavors to appease,
To rip apart as they drool with razored teeth.

Slick mouths social hopping,
Get their high hopes dropped quick.
With beliefs kept they will receive,
Appointments to reach the top...
To find a boot has stopped that hop.

There have been those who have reached the top,
With wishes to return again.
To find even with all their 'tees' crossed and 'eyes' to dot,
Doesn't guarantee...
They will reach to see what they left to leave.
Unless sweat, blood to bleed and tears to cry,
Is produced as evidence of a personal suffering...
Has been done to qualify the approval of the ones,
Not only requesting that as a requirement.
But also a 'rap' that leaves them toe tapping,
To a tune one creates no one else has ever heard.

I have done this all before.'

~If you want to reach the top...again,
We 'may' consider your wish.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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