With Thanks

The good times I will remember
you touched and opened up my heart
For many years, I thought I died
Until one day you brought back hope,
love and feelings into my life
Blood flowed and rushed back through my veins
Returning joy, care and freedom
Of shackled mind that would not churn
What was once lost came back again
Optimism to be in love

by Ana Monnar

Comments (1)

Your poetry and my brother's are akin. They may be translated using the same images: Here is an attempt: 'Reconnaissance Sais-tu quelle joie fut la mienne Quand tu rendis en l'effleurant A ce coeur qu'on pensait mourant. Jusqu'à ce qu'espoir y revienne, L'affection qui l'avait quitté? L'esprit écumait dans l'entrave: En mes veines surgit un gave De sang, de joie, de liberté L'enfant prodigue est de retour: Cette envie de croire en l'amour.' Best regards Christian Souchon