With 'that' Understood

Each day I awaken,
My blessings are confirmed.
And I pray...
With my expressed appreciation,
Without hesitating...
To let God know,
This gift of life bestowed...
I could never take for granted.
And I do my best,
As God is my witness...
Not to flaunt my arrogance,
Around those...
Who may misunderstand,
How proud I am to show...
My faith stays devoted.
And with each step I take,
In whatever direction...
I don't question.
Since I will be stopped,
The moment God disapproves.

I have tried it my way,
To remember regret.
And those days I don't relive,
In fear of what test...
God chooses next.
Daring me to forget,
How long it took me to pass it.
And with 'that' understood...
It is with pride that I stride.
To comprehend,
From where and how...
It was given.

'You may 'think'
You are all 'That'.
But you ain't! '

I know.
That test I passed,
Long ago.
But I do thank you,
For noticing...
My attempts not to convince.
Especially around others,
With it brought...
To their attention.
Hearing from you to mention it.

'You need not to get,
All arrogant.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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