With The Deepest Of Respect

Why is it you wish to convince others,
That I should be held responsible...
And accountable for your ignorance.
When I did everything possible,
To warn you to prepare...
For what was coming down the road.
It came.
You were not prepared.
And that's the way it goes.

'It did not happen that way at all.
It came up the road and not down.
With a doing to leave the same way.
So don't try to tell me,
What it was you did to do...
That I should have been prepared for.'

Ladies and gentlemen...
And I use that term with the deepest of respect,
If and/or when you should discover yourselves...
In a similar predicament,
That requires the using of common sense...
Please don't open your mouths.
Especially if you suspect ignorance to be expressed.
At least 'pretend' you are listening to comprehend.
And you have 'some' pride and dignity left,
To be used when it is best respected.
The effect and benefit of doing this,
Returns tremendous dividends.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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