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With The Eyes Of An Angel
AS Aram Stefanian (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

With The Eyes Of An Angel

I heard a gentle knock at my door after midnight
Wondering who that might be, I rushed to unlock it
And was astonished to see an angel whose head glowed with light
He said he needed a shelter for a night, he nearly kicked the bucket
I agreed, and when he came inside, I saw bloody stains on his robe
He explained that he was lightly wounded in a grisly battle
For chasing after malicious demons he had to circle the globe
The last of them had melted into the night, fleeing at full throttle
He'd hunt for the fiend tomorrow, right away he needed to take a rest
I showed him to the bedroom, he thanked me, and was fast asleep
He had a body of a youngster, long golden hair, and an athletic chest
And I felt a strong attraction to him, as if we were joined at the hip
The next morning I woke up to find him sitting close to me
He asked if he could do anything for me before flying away
I said I wished I saw with his eyes to destroy his mortal enemy
He frowned, and asked me, ''In heaven, would you make your way? ''

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