With The Flying Upon Her Broom

If she did have an honest bone in her body,
It was highly camouflaged.
I thought I saw it too!
But too duped I was by her sweetened charms.
And other skills she had in presenting visuals.
Skilled in the art of pretension this one.

I am sure by now someone might have seen it?
A depth connected to truth and heartfelt honesty.
Or one she pulled out of her bag of tricks!
Still beating with a pulse.
Not realizing that this heart is fresh.
And has just been ripped from someone's chest.

Which reminds me of the season of witches.
And how happy she must be this time of year,
To celebrate with the flying upon her broom.
I am sure she has kept a lot of tricks to treat,
Up her sleeve or wherever she hides them.
And the same habits of trying anything,
To remain convincing as a human being.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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