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With The Grapes Of Love

Open your mouth.

Let me fill your yearninglips
with the grapes of love

by Dev Anand

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i think i need a break and a bag of grapes send some will you dear@ half my age dave MERRY XMASto you and ur better half and family tooooooo kids if any yet also incl will uu another tenner for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu all should do
i forgot then added 100000000000000000++++++++++++++++++++=full of vineyards grapes have red wine and shine
I understand that this is ur best erotica poem why not life is an admixture of juices yours and hers oranges and peaches strawberries and juices finally the human seed which helps progeny breed and love is totally revealed love all enjoy your grapes poetry I did it
lovely any one love to....