With Their Immature Tantrums

It is admirable!
Isn't it a bit too late,
To take measures to clean up an atmosphere...
Already polluted,
By those who have induced...
A putrid introduction?
Produced by forums,
Where these seducers have inflicted,
With an acceptance solicited!
The very same ones,
Who now claim they have become sick of it!
With their immature tantrums.
To blame someone else,
As the cause of this!

Why not censor the experience of life itself?
Since so many are afraid to live it
Or hear those with expanded values...
Who have encompassed 'all' of God's offerings!
Whether bitter, sweet or indifferent.
But then again...
Some have excelled to insure,
A darkness lived under rocks...
Becomes their next best 'thing'!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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