With These Oars And Within This Vessel

Do you see these oars?
I made them to row...
Against waves that may come to rock,
With a wind prepared to slow my determination.
If not attempt to stop...
My vision.
With a blocking done by indecision!
This is not that kind of 'trip'.

These oars are mine.
And this vessel too,
Has been redefined and constructed.
With my hands blistered!
From a nonstop flowing of faith.
And I could care less what the odds are.
Or what the others may say of me being bizarre...
Crazed and a bit 'touched'!

I am going to reach my destination.

With these oars.

And within this vessel.

Regardless of what the others may say...
My sights are not limited to this neighborhood.
And free they are of restricting myths.

'You remind me of Noah.
That dude that build that Ark.'

But I am speaking figuratively.
Metaphorically suggestive as to those steps I'm taking.
My journey does not entail traveling with a zoo.

'I'm sure all of nature thanks you for your thoughtfulness.
In an emblematic metaphorical way.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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you ahead paddle your canoe, i would be watching by the beach dreaming what to write next. thanks for sharing.md