With This Kind Of Mindset

If it was not for war...
Those with this kind of mindset,
Would find no reason to live.
Without offending others,
With their insecurities...
And need to spark conflicts.
What other purpose would they have?
What other pupose would they find...
To give for lives ungrateful.
With nothing else on their minds positive!

Their existence is based upon destroying peace.
Convincing themselves what others have,
Is for them to take and release.
Decresing the rights of others.
And call them enemies,
On lands they invade.
With campaigns...
They have come to protect and save.
But from who and from what?
To prove they can destruct?

These war games played today...
Are recruiting few supporters,
Who realize their wishes to live in peace...
They no longer desire to trade,
For heartbreak and suffering that never goes away.
Only to discover they have been betrayed?
Just to witness a few profit from their sorrows?
Those with a degraded consciousness...
On time borrowed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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