With This Ring

I take this ring as a symbol
Of my love and commitment to you,
I wear it proudly to show
No one will ever love you like I do.

The band is as my love for you
An unending circle of power,
The precious metal in the ring
Represents this love of ours.

For never a true bond was made
Than the day that I found you,
And never a true love is known
Then what I share with you.

The shine within this ring
Is the light I hold inside,
It's the light that leads my way
To my becoming your bride.

The etchings carved in silver
Carry the words here in my heart,
For never a strong bond was made
With this ring never shall we part.

It's the symbol of hope and love
It's the band that makes us as one,
And as I wear this ring today
Our life has now begun.

I will forever make you smile
And sleep within your arms,
To live with you and laugh with you
And keep you safe from harm.

I will be the joy in your heart
And the food for your soul,
I will bring out the best in you
And be what makes you whole.

I promise to laugh with you
In all the good times that we'll share,
I will struggle with you in the bad ones
And show you that I care.

I will solace you when you need me
And wipe your tears with my kiss,
Ours will be a true and lasting love
For me you are all that will exist.

I will comfort you with my body
I will mirror you with my soul,
I will share with you my honors
And your honors I will extol.

On this day as I accept your love
I promise to love you as we grow old,
To keep out love as bright and new
As this band here made of gold.

Never will I let anyone
Tear this; our love, asunder,
I will love you forever and always
For you are my love of wonder.

From this day forth our love
With sparkle like the stones,
It is a miracle that we've found
The greatest love ever known.

With this ring I thee wed
In the name of the Father, the Sun,
and the Holy Spirit
Our life has now begun.

by Kristi Day

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