With Thought And Vision

Not too often am I amazed.
Or can say I am bewildered these days,
By decisions made and choices...
Some people choose.
Like despising someone popular,
They select to abuse and accuse...
For not doing those things they like.
To begin then to entice controversy.

Not too often am I amazed by this.
Or can say I am bewildered,
These days...
By the absence of sanity.
Or the ambitions of those crazed.
But I do remain to stay observant.
To those who make decisions,
Without thought or vision...
With wishes to find changing their minds,
For something they had to want back...
Is not going to happen.

And to hear those who protest,
About how good they had it in the past...
Are the same folks,
Who intentionally provoke others...
To join them to update and make,
Needed changes.
Changes they had.
But began to dislike the popularity obtained,
By the one with thought and vision.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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