With Time To Live It

It does not take a scientist.
Or one depicted to have gifts of a scholar.
For one to feel and know what is best.
Done to recognize.
To either accept or reject without protest.

Nor should it take anyone to tell another,
What it is they must do to get...
From A to Z to eventually see for themselves.
No one has yet done it to prove,
A doing they have done...
Made life easier without obstacles to move.

Life with time to live it,
Has a way of awakening many with clouded minds.
Knowing when that time arrives,
For them to get up off their behinds.

Life with time to live it shows,
Who has wasted it to sit.
And who has made excuses to make.
While others have proven,
A choice to eliminate procastinating...
May at first had been difficult to do.
To realize with time blessed to live,
This to blame on others...
Had nothing to do,
With them choosing to pick negativity to get.

No it doesn't take a scientist.
A brain surgeon or a psychologist.
For one to eventually know what is best.
And with time to live it,
Without excuses but steps to make.
Eliminates accusations to place them.
Anywhere else.
But upon the one,
Living their life to be done each day...
Composing their own music loud to hear.
Until with time to live it heard enough,
Motivates with incentive given.
For them then to decide,
Maybe doing something else...
Could prove to become more satisfying.
With time to live it,
Personalized to experience this.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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