With Whitney.

I saw 'The Bodyguard' starring
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston
at Village 8, a cinema complex
in South Auckland, in the mid-1990s
with my then girlfriend, a shares trader.
There was romance onscreen and off.
I met her at a Saturday night singles club:
I thought I was in a real romance like Kevin
until she discarded me
like another one of her deals.
However, I did not discard Houston singing
'I Will Always Love You'.

-1-3 August,2017.

by Michael Walker

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This poem expresses the deep love of the poet to a female singer namely Whitney Houston with her many music DVDs. Though she is no more, poet has much love to her till today. It may be quoted.. I saw on TV news of Whitney's untimely death in a Hollywood hotel room, alone in death as in life. Only then did I buy Whitney's DVDs and compact discs: She won me over from the word go when she said: ' Hi! I'm Whitney Houston. Welcome to my DVD. I hope you enjoy watching it. Have fun. Bye.' She talked, with a gorgeous smile, just to me. This is a beautiful poem on love with heart touching depiction. Thanks for sharing.