With Wishes To Keep Its Integrity

One who has mastered a craft,
With wishes to keep its integrity...
Should never want it to be exhibited,
In places where mediocrity...
Has been praised and accepted,
As a reflection of the best of abilities seen.
Since one who has mastered a craft,
With wishes to keep its integrity lasting...
Should seek places and people,
Who have a high regard...
For that which represents,
Something rare and uncommon.

And when observed to be witnessed,
And/or heard to quickly value...
The attention it deserves,
Immediately it is regarded as a major event.
With thoughts to dismiss,
Of that which is being presented...
Has not been a waste of time.
Or a visitation spent and certainly not intended,
To be bored by displays of an over-rated ego.

'I know we're here to lavish praise on 'potential'.
But have you seen what's going on across the street? '

But thank you for keeping me from falling to sleep.
What's going on across the street? ~

'Someone attempting to keep their talent discreet.'

How are they keeping it discreet? ~

'By packing it into that van and threatening to leave.'

~How can anyone pack talent into a van?
And how do you know it to be talent? ~

'Being exposed to it to know it rare...
Was the first thing I noticed.
Let's go see where they are taking it.
Maybe 'we' can convince them to stay.'

~Trust me...
If what they have is 'that' rare,
And they know it too?
Leaving 'this' mediocrity behind,
For challenges to pursue...
Will not convince them to stay.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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