With Wishes To Provoke And Defame

A history kept that has been embellished,
And exaggerated when told...
Eventually weakens a diminishing society,
By those who choose to battle to keep...
Comforts and customs unravelling,
From delusions fed to reveal an absence...
Of substance.

And depleted they are of an integrity...
That fears an unbeatable truth that pursues,
With brutal reality.

'You speak as if you are not part of this? '

I am just an observer.
Like many with abilities,
Depicted and ignored as insignificant.
And from where I stand...
There has been some benefit,
To being considered invisible.

Although, periodically, I am found to blame,
By those with wishes to provoke and defame...
Contibutions made but stolen by those who claim,
Them as their own.

Idiotic and dangerous are those unconscious actions taken!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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