MT (July / Kentucky)

With Worries

I roll over to whisper something into your ear only to find empty space.
tears fill in my eyes as my nightmares slowly become the truth.
no one understand the real me no matter how much i type out and try to explain. no one knows the true thoughts the go through my mind. no one really gets it. people say they look at me, but i feel like a statue every one sees but looks past, thinks about for a second, but then is quickly forgotten. I could tell you over and over again but u still dont get it you still dont understand. no one will. no one can. why i am i stuck in this place? why was i chose to endure this hell. with one good thing in my life, they still try to ruin it. i ask for one thing and i cant have that. i want this one person to understand that the things they do hurt me without even realizing it. that the pain they inflict on me hurts more than the smiles can cover. pain being the way im scared, though i trust him, i have my past, and thatll never change. scareds of loosing him, though he says i wont, dont they all. i trust, but carefully and with worries.

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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