RL (01-10-1987 / California)

With You

I became invulnerable to infatuation and pure lustful acquaintances
Then I find myself getting immunized for a man so undeniably distinctive
I fought to avoid his presence, but his lyrical astuteness kept me fascinated
When I’m pessimistic, he’s always optimistic- damn you.
When I feel like the worlds against me, he’s one laughing at the world.
I’m avoiding the rain and seeking shelter while he dances in it.
He knows my hand before the cards are even played.
He has a right to not believe a word I say, I’m fighting to become engrossed in him
But the more I fight, the closer to his mind I become.
Timing and distance seems to drift our conscious apart
But the minute we are back on track, it's like the conversation never stopped.
His confidence seems so arrogant, but I'm fascinated to keep on speculating.
He laughs after ever sentence that he has spoken, but with sureness and confidence that his words wouldn't be broken.
Why am I addicted to his passionate, expressive, confident manners?
Give me the lyrics to his mindful soul, send me the music to his open heart, trust his words of passion to be true-
Cause baby I'm captivated...this has nothing to do with faith...it has everything to do with you.
I'm unimaginably entrapped in this ride, if I fall I am going to make it worth it with you.

-Richina Lee

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