With You

Poem By Patrick Stefens

You can not quit with me so quickly
There is still hope for you in em
But I have all the time in the world for your life
Theres a space between
You and I
All the tears I've cryed
Thoguh our laughter keeps me comign back for more
Theres still that space between
With all the insane lies we tell
Yet I hope you keep me safe from the pain

So will you coem to hold me again?
All these words of others confuse me
Can't we just waste the hours talkign and talking
But I love these twisted games we're playing
May us be only aquitnaces
With our hungry hearts
But will I hold you again
Will you hold me again?

Look at us just playing occasinally
Its equivent to the madness of a tidle wave
Yet we still do it anyways
All we can do, my love
Is hope we will never part

I love it when
I see you smiling gracefully
Its where you find gazing to a daze
Staring at your beautiful face
Is where I'll be hiding
Waiting for you

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