NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Withdrawing From Sleep

Withdrawing from sleep
tired legs carry us junkies
in ragged pajamas and baggy eyes
through the pillowed streets
back home to the
Sandman's shooting gallery.
A house of restless souls
sharing needles full of dreams
to push off with snores,
silence the screams and bahs
of overworked sheep.
Shoegazing stargazers
are nodding off with
dusted eyes and
smiling down upon themselves
in this early morning fix.
Our speed freak attitudes,
long spun, unwind and we
trip on the cotton sheets
of Lullabies and Songs of Dreaming.
Let the dragon chase you
and let the bed catch
your broken body
'cause this is not
a wake up call,
in fact its
just the opposite.

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This is so well written, it paints vivid detail from beginning to end. I first read it in East Village Magazine. Great work, Nic.