I Saw The Hell

Today I woke up with unhappy mood,
I was upset and felt myself too ill,
I was asleep and still in darkness stood,
I understood my fear should I kill.
I saw the Hell in night dream till the noon,
I saw dead people who were looking me.
I went alone but met an Angel soon,
He was not dark, not light and almost free.
He showed me way my friends have ever been,
He showed mistakes and pain in their eyes.
He told to me my soul had I clean
And went to dreams when my heart even cries.
He told me be a conduit between light,
He asked not try to go away from him,
To choose the ways in my life which are bright,
Forever with my mind in kindness swim.
I saw the Hell I heard too many cries,
I looked at pain of all broken hearts…
I ate my nightmare with an awful spice,
I saw like dolls were playing their parts.
They smiled and sang with ugly laud voice,
They looked like robots lived without mind.
They couldn`t run because they had no choice,
They loved no one but tried the feelings find.
I was afraid and took the Angel`s hand,
I asked to leave that dark unhappy place.
I did not want believe it was the end…
I saw the Earth`s forever lonely face.
I woke up then and tried to understand
What should I write to change your own way.
I am by you, look, please, I`m here, stay…
You live in Hell but go to Heaven may…

by Ekaterina Polischuk

Comments (2)

Dont listen to your other reviewer, he's a jolly piss artist, i thought they were AB FAB!
Very good, I enjoy your poems very much, maybe things wouldn't look so bleak if you got out a bit more? Your faithfully, Charlie F. Kane