GE (22/09/88 / )

Withered Darling

Gaping holes now fill our conversation
A black and chilling breeze where witticisms used to play
I plod around your room
And return your vacant smile.
Does it not fascinate you how my mindset differs?
It's really stuffy in here...
And your charming decorations leave me cold.
A lack of mood music and utter melancholy.
The veneer has been violently stripped
And every bead of potential harnessed.
So we can hold each other now, and behold our empire.
The windows to our souls have been washed
Not a smear of instinct remains
My inner self stands naked and shaved
His face pressed against the glass
Staring at yours

I light up and head for home
Leaving you feeling fuzzy and warm
Alone now on the bed
Clutching a cuddly toy close to your body.

by Gareth Edwards

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Dont listen to your other reviewer, he's a jolly piss artist, i thought they were AB FAB!
Very good, I enjoy your poems very much, maybe things wouldn't look so bleak if you got out a bit more? Your faithfully, Charlie F. Kane