The depths within me.. seeps the truth, which I can no longer hide.
Question me why.. all I can say is.. its what the heart chooses..

Music to my ear.. is your voice..
the beat of my heart.. is when you say the sweetest phases..
smile on my face.. only to know you're there..
Soul is free.. cuz to love someone like you..
is more then I'll ever need.

To the highest mountain I will climb, if for you to know my love will survive the weakest days.. and the darkest nights..
and for you to see.. my love is commitment to you..

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (2)

Powerful words, such devotion is admirable. However, don't lose yourself in the process. I takes two giving equally for commitment to work. Deeply introspective write. Linda
true love always remain in the heart it live forever..