Within A Dream

He heard a river flowing and searched the heart of your smile and walked the night with your eyes.

Playing on the snowcap mountains of your beauty, he descends the ocean and finds your treasures.

The coral reef of your kisses has him sailing on the wings of the clouds and he melts into the sun.

Within a dream of your love he sends flowers to the edge of your forsaken showers to see your forest.

Raindrops of tulips and the façade of her hair singing with the birds, she portrays legs of diamonds.

Caught in the sweet smell of honey dew melodies, she escapes the pain of despair as she dances.

Making music with her movements, she gathers the butterfly of his dreams and disappears in his kisses.

She guides his touches for spell bounding solutions and within a dream they conquer sensual desires.

Hearing the sound of his eyes, she craves the night with images of his body surfacing her motions of her dips.

Falling into the sun as they rescued the moon from the dark skies that burn, they embraced eternity.

With the clouds presenting the stars for dance recitals, she performs on Uranus and glides to his beacon.

Adjusting the flight of his motions, he captures her smile in his persuasive touches within a dream.

She enters the ocean on the chisel dimensions of his body and the sands of time erupt in applause.
Entertaining the flight of her waters, she delivers her curtain of specialties and his cries are breathless.

Hearing the winds of her cradle that adopts the passions of her versatility, he creates time in her eyes.

His deep sea offering is composed within her heart as they ride within a dream of earth moving desires.

With fantasies of waterfalls flowing on their hearts, the deserts became their oasis of hidden dreams.

The Bermuda Triangle was discovered as their bodies were engulfed with the shipwreck of their love.

Singing on the seashore of her island, the trance of his excitement is speaking to her swift portrait.

His love is drowning in the pulse of her beat as she sings in the night within a dream of doves' flights.

Listening to the flow of her curves, she escapes to sounds of dreams drifting on memories of love songs.

Her kisses of caramel seducing nights are inflamed with pulsating words of fire burning his skin.

Holding fast to the midnight air he succumbs to the arrival of her poetry and loses words of affections.

Lost in her asphyxiation of heartbeat, the wind whispers his name and she explodes into creation of time.

Within her culture of blackness, she invites him for torrential rainfalls of never-ending night cries.

Her dominatrix movements have him reaching for air; her lava is flowing down within a dream of ecstasy.

Written by Theodore Mosley
June 16,2015


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