Within A Dream

Last night I slept within a dream
And you were by my side -
Your arms embraced me tenderly
With love you could not hide;
I felt your warmth envelope me
With every tender kiss,
In all my life I never knew
A love as sweet as this;

You whispered sweet endearments
As you gently stroked my hair -
Though I was only dreaming
I could feel you everywhere;
Like pure intoxication
From a fine exotic wine,
Your warmth flowed all around me
As our hearts became entwined;

I slept within a dream last night
My soul you came to take -
Now captured by your magic spell.............
I hope I never wake!

by Linda Ori

Comments (9)

A dream so precious..
This brings me to tears - so beautiful, so tender.....I can feel the love, the warmth, the gentle touch. I heave a giant sigh, and have to smile. Thank you!
Oh of only such a dream became reality for everyone, ivor
So beautiful, romantic yet no puerile mush. 'I slept within a dream' is a wonderful thought, written with all the experience and passion of a very full life. Well worth a 10. Appreciated it to the very depth of my being. Would love to have you read some of mine. Adeline
That clearly hit my SPOT! Well done, excellent! You made an Old man very happy!
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