Within Me

</>there is so much pain that bearing it
has driven me Insane
so much hurt that danger is with whom
I flirt
a soul that walks the earth doomed to
a lonely Life full of unhappiness
a darkness so complete and colder than a blanket
of sleet
my heart pumps poison through my veins
a fire roars as fierce as two lovers behind closed doors
unshed tears
that have formed an ocean of my fears
something cruel and unforgiving
cackling as away from your body the skin
i'm peeling
nightmarish things
songs of death and destruction they sing
a howling like the wind
as once again into madness i do descend
a ferocious storm waiting to break and wreak havoc
upon the deserving
wrath more vengeful than Nemesis herself
a mountain looms guardian of all
Within Me

by Dark Prince Coldfire

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I felt like you, many, many times and I was able to to reach the key that opened the handcuff which kept me tied to the chair of the PAST and then I was free like the wind! I love this well penned and painful write! 10+++ If you have the chance and read and I hope you enjoy my poem titled: IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, then you will see that I went through your situation, also and I survived like you one day will, too! Keep inspiring the World with your talented writes! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...
This is how I imagine wars started before oil DPC! Excellent expression of a man's anger build up, when there is no resolution to the pain of exciled loving. Amazingly scarey, yet comforting at the same time! you men suffer the same as we women in these matters of the broken heart. Now it is not Within You can breath easier. Smiling at you Tai