Within My Dreams-Until That Day

Taken over by the longing
for your gentle touch, my
soul is arched against the
lonely night, as I reach for
your heart, my dreams
in flight.

Your caress making me tremble,
yet I know it is just the chill
in this room. In my mind you
are here, your lips gently upon
my skin, as I take your love
so deep within.

Your whispers ignite my body's
desire, as I feel the warmth of
your fire. Tingles take over, as
your finger tips trailing over me,
my body desperately seeking thee.

My passion unveiled as I feel
you within, electrifying waves
crash against the walls, as it
is your name these lips
do call.

Like the moon as it comes together
with the ocean at night, the tides
crash in sync, like your ocean of
love as it washes upon my shore,
such a lovely delight.

My body inviting your every
pleasure, as you comsume
the feeling, buried within my
treasure. Hot nights, as these
dreams hold me at bay,
these dreams, the only way.

Your tenderness displayed upon
my body each night, as so sweetly
you love me, as so close you
hold me tight. Within these dreams
it is you and I, until that day,
that we never have to say goodbye.

by Ruth warren

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