How Can I Go On?

How can I forget the one who made me feel?
How can I move away from all that is real?
How can dreaming cause so much pain?
How can I pull back those threads just to remain sane?

Can the search for bliss justify all these?
Can I be consoled by the memory of our kiss?
Can friends be protected by unfathomable lies?
Can you hear my screams by looking through my eyes?

I guess you really didn’t know me as I thought,
I guess I was blinded by this destiny we sought.
I guess I need help, I guess you are right,
I guess I’m just tired of giving in to a fight.

Go chase your dreams of ineffable beauty
Go away from my world of insanity
Go and believe that all I said were fabrications,
Go and trust that those synchronicities are manipulations.

On the verge of fantasy and reality,
On the level of forgetting and memory,
On and on your image appears before me,
On and on and on – my heart bleeds for thee…


by Spiritus Lyrico Spes

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