Within The Chest

It has been torn out,
with cold heart-rendering precision,
yes, it has.
The steel plated cavity gave,
o it gave in to the deception of the smile.

Of your silver tongue, i need not trumpet to the masses.
Why? Would they understand?
How are they to know that, I, am no more in control
of the senses i was given by the almighty.

Yes it has been torn out.
The wise old men nod knowingly,
they do not let me speak.
Age has taught them what I am just learning
midway through this journey

It is out and i dare not put it back.
Does it hurt?
Bare the pain with me if you can and you would know
there is nothing sweeter.
not even.......
yes, not even.

I want out, give me out.
How is it the lions now sit in obeisance as though lap dogs.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Oh Delilah, daughter of Eve.
There it lies, all putrid and messy
for it has been torn out.
My heart.
You will hear no wailing from me yet,
for i am content.

by Elliot Moore Ahiator

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Deeply envisioned. Excellent collocation. Beautiful poem. Enjoyed....... 10