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Within The Holy Of Holies

In the tabernacle of thy flesh,

Within the centermost chamber of thy heart,
Lies the Holy of Holies.

Secure unto me in that place
The Ark of the Covenant,
The vessel of my law,

That it shall not see
The temporal hands of men,
But rather be displayed
By the righteous works of my children.

O the carriers of the Ark
Shall remove thy fleshly garments
And kneel in sackcloth,
But shall arise in their hearts wearing
The robe of the Ephod,

And the adornment of stones
About their breastplate
Shall call unto them
The nations of Israel,
And with light in perfection
Shall they show unto all—

The Glory of Paradise


God the Almighty


by ~~~ Leaven ~~~

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