Within The Woods

Poem By Daniel Fortuna Jr.

I stand here lost within the woods of my mind, tripping & stumbling time after time.The grains of the hour glass fall; careless, they are, for my plight.The way out, for the time being, is out of sight.The grains of sand continue to fall; I feel thatthey're laughing at me, as they do to all -how unkind.Searching around for the exit; an exitthat I prayto that all positive force of the universe to someday find.Cold is the wind of my apprehension blowing within me as it brings chills through my body.Worried I be, for I know that the sands of time accumulate relentlessly; buried I will be by them inevitably.Hence, I must expedite my pace out of the darkness of the woods & into the light; into the great clearing.Into the green pastures among the fold once again I wish to be, but I first have to get away from me.Out of the woods that I've been in for so long & proclaim to myself that I am finally free.

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