Within Thy Cradle

Poem By P. L. Hunter

Remember when walking was a grown-up pace
When it was fun to run with the wind in our face
When sun and moon stood still for us to play
When a golden treasure was a sun-drenched day
Vacant hours eagerly explored with certainty
That nothing mattered but busyness and me

When fruit was juicier from the tree next door
Returning in triumph to Mum who doesn't need any more
Homemade Chutney, jam and preserve that gave such joy
A mother's fond glance at her tree-torn boy
A favorite toy Dad mended time and again
Dear Dad, whose calmness kept us all sane.

A dusty attic which we cleaned and swept
A place for secrets unfulfilled dreams. In its silence we wept
Tree houses, tents, camps that we built
The wars that were won and the book that was spilt
Goodies and Baddies. The King, Queen and Lord
Those were times when we never got bored.

Mum and Dad what wonderful security they gave
when they were with us we could always be brave
Family meals, times of laughter and of talks
Together with the dog long rambling walks
Years tumbled by us and we never stopped to see
Where the little child went that used to be me.

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