SMM (4-6-1991 / Dist Kamber Taluka Warah)

Within Your Arms

Within your arms

Oh! My beloved
My eyes have never slept
Waiting for the moment of love!
My eyes have never stoped to seek you!
You are the last desire
That has covered my being
You are the last dream of nights
That has awaken my soul forever!

Oh! My beloved
I have forgotten myself
To remember you constantly!
I have lost everything
To go on the way of wandering
Where you are eternal!
I am restless beyond bliss
To find rest within your arms
Neither I am near
Nor I am far from the world
But no one can understand
What I am for, why I am for!
Com aside the shores of my tears
There is an everlasting universe!
Oh! My beloved!


by Sagar mushtaq Mushtaq

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Sagar mushtaq is our legend of our land
Beautiful love poem, well articulated and nicely penned from the heart with insight. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Sagar.